You have been putting off opening your own YouTube channel for quite a while. The thought of what it takes to bring your dreams to reality has been overwhelming you slightly. You feel as though you lack the skills, resources, and tools for the job. Well, the use of the word slightly might be an understatement.

Put all that doubt and worry beside you. All that you need to do now is read this article. With the tips and tricks provided here, you can use the advice to serve as a stepping stone. Kick-off your YouTube channel in the right way.

The time is now

Does your stomach have those butterflies? What about that weak-kneed feeling? That’s the same feeling that all those YouTube stars felt when they started their channels. And guess what? They are enjoying the fruits of taking that first step. Every day that you procrastinate on creating your channel, there are possibly thousands of other creators creating theirs with the same content. And remember, you are all competing for a limited audience.

By starting now, you gain the much-needed experience of being in front of the camera and front of your audience. Also, it is only through experience that you will realize whether YouTubing is your niche or not.

Learn the policies and the dynamics of YouTube

The only way you are going to make it to the top 1 or 10% of YouTube creators in your niche is if you master the tricks of the YouTube streaming platform. This might require some research but the benefits of it will be in the long term. With this experience, you can smoothen your workflow and upload content easily on your channel.

Internalize the terms and conditions of posting content on YouTube. This will prevent you from getting your channel pulled down later on because of contravening a particular clause.


To develop your YouTube strategy, there are two important questions that you need to ask yourself. What do you intend to achieve with your YouTube channel? And who is your target audience? And remember the goal of your channel should not be about gaining subscribers. The intention should be linked to what you can offer through your content.

As for your target audience, try and make it as specific as possible. This is known as a niche audience. Your audience may be made unique by either age, gender, profession, or hobby. Once, you have identified your niche audience, go a step further and ask yourself, “As an XYZ audience, why should watch such content?” This will allow you to separate yourself from thousands of other creators who are already on the video streaming platform.


As early as possible, it is recommended that you get your YouTube account verified. With verification, you can get access to other important tools on the platform.