From restaurants to observation decks, Dubai will surely give you thrilling adventures. Exploring Dubai can be a stressful task if you don’t plan where to go and what to do. So, having a travel guide will make things easier for you. Blogs like Carmen’s Luxury Travel Blog can provide you insightful travel guides wherever you plan to go. Below are a few things to remember when planning out your travel to Dubai:

Food Parade

There is no easier way to learn about a country’s culture but to try their food. Dubai is known to have several dishes that could spice up your tongue and provide you with a remarkable experience. Camel dishes are a must-try in Dubai. You can also try their Al Machboos which is a traditional rice cake. These will surely give you a mouth-watering experience.

Museum and Mosque Escapade

Your Dubai experience wouldn’t be complete if you haven’t tried going to their most popular attractions. Burj Khalifa is definitely on top. Being the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa is sure to give you the heaven-like feeling when you go inside. You can also see the wonderful skyline and the whole of Dubai when you’re on top.

Mosques are also the main attraction unique to Dubai. Not far from Burj Khalifa is the Jumeirah Mosque. It shows the unique traditional culture and religion of Arab people and other nationalities living in the country. Going to a mosque will give you a better understanding of their lives and ways of living.

Museum gives a historical context on a specific place. The Dubai Museum is among the best museums in Dubai that will bring you back in time. Designed as a military fortress, the museum provides a historical context on Arab people’s ancestors. You can also see a unique market at the bottom of the fortress mimicking the way of living of their ancestors.

Hotels and Modern Architecture

To complete your Dubai experience, you must go to one of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai. Note that Dubai is home to the most modern architectures of the century housing luxurious hotels for you to indulge yourself in. Options include the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Desert Palm Dubai, and EasyHotel Dubai. Each will give you a different flavor yet relaxing feeling suited for your vacation. Not sure where to go? You can check other hotels in Carmen’s Luxury Travel Blog. You can find reviews of hotels in Dubai and their amenities. You can also search for costs and other accommodation details on the hotels’ websites.

Lastly, shopping malls and nightlife experiences. Of course, you need to get yourself some souvenirs. There is no other place than the Intercontinental Dubai Festival City. You can look for spices, clothes, perfumes, and other kinds of souvenirs in here.


Dubai offers a wide range of attractions and experiences. Traveling to Dubai can cost you a huge deal of money. However, the experience you will be able to achieve is worth more than what you will actually spend. Dubai offers its culture to the world for you to see. There is no better way of learning things than to actually experience it. And when you have experienced it, I am sure that this will be a magnificent experience in your lifetime.