Instagram users always thrive on achieving more followers on the platform. Some individuals are happy with their current number of followers, but some are unsatisfied when they see other people having millions of followers. Celebrities, bloggers, and content creators are all in the race to gain a high number of followers. The race is active because brands approach those users or individuals who have an increased number of followers, and through their engagement rate, they can reach a greater audience. As a result, every Instagram announces a list of the accounts that are most followed by the viewers. Therefore, celebrities use Instagram growth services so that they can grab more organic followers.

A high number of followers means that you can earn more money. Brands will want that you feature for their product as it will give them means for advertising. At the same time, many accounts have partially bought followers to grow their account’s standing on the platform. Nevertheless, this technique is being used by a small number of users.

The most followed accounts on Instagram

⦁ Instagram

Instagram’s official account has 380 million followers giving it the number one rank in the list. Regularly, Instagram posts patterns of managing your feed at the platform. This attracts many businesses and content creators as they can learn many new skills of managing their page. Moreover, their IGTV content presents interesting techniques and trends that users can follow to improve their page on Instagram. The content that they post is wonderful as their creativity is out of this world.

⦁ Cristiano Ronaldo

The second rank is attained by famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo as he has over 250 million followers. Cristiano Ronaldo is renowned for his football skills as he is one of the best players that soccer has produced in the entire world. He has been playing soccer leagues around the world and is currently playing for Juventus in Italy. On the other hand, he is also the team captain for Portugal national soccer team. His feed revolves around the pictures of family and luxuries that he has been enjoying for several years!

⦁ Ariana Grande

The third person on the list is Ariana Grande, famous worldwide for her singing. She has attained over 200 million followers. She has posted the content related to her performances, parties, and her high-end lifestyle that she accompanies with her daily matters.

The most followed accounts on Instagram are given above. This means that if you have talent and skills, you can grow on this valuable platform as it does not discriminate based on gender, race, or religion. Moreover, you need the right set of the method to succeed on social media. Furthermore, building connections with high-end bloggers can provide a way for you in this industry. Hence, constant emphasis shall be placed on managing your feed in a creative method and building a connection that shall allow you to market yourself positively. Lastly, you need to set with a positive attitude and approach then you will be to taste success on social media.