Twitch Prime is a benefit Amazon Prime members enjoy from the extra membership fee they pay. Unlike the normal Twitch account subscription, there are a variety of benefits you can enjoy that not all users get to enjoy.

In this article, we will highlight the benefits Twitch prime members can enjoy and effective ways to get twitch followers.

Ad-free games

If you enjoy smooth streaming without interruptions, then it is time to upgrade to Twitch prime. This is most handy for viewers compared to gamers. You can enjoy streaming for the long hours you need without being interrupted by ads.

If you earn via Twitch, then using the normal subscription will work for you, as people will not be able to view sponsored ads or affiliate ads on Prime.

Free channel subscriptions

Gamers can create a channel and have subscribers for free to watch the games being played in real-time. This way, it is easier to attract numerous subscribers, making it easy to earn from them in other different forms.

Share accounts

With Twitch Prime, you can share your account with your friends and enjoy benefits in the same way. Alternatively, you can link up to four Twitch accounts and enjoy chatting options for the same.

This is a good way to enjoy the company and the interest of your friends online. You can challenge each other to enjoy games you individually enjoy, but together.

Access to free games

Some gamers sell their games online as it is their main source of income. However, with Twitch Prime, you can enjoy a bunch of free games you can enjoy watching individually or with your friends.

You can alternatively list your favorite games and access them anytime you use Twitch. The benefits are so fast, they are compared to having your room you can control everything in it.

Did you know that the different games change from time to time, and you can enjoy an unlimited list of games?

Free in-game items

You can access a bunch of free in-game items on Twitch Prime. Usually, this is a token of appreciation to the members of the Prime subscription and the gifts are taken as a bonus.

If you love collecting game items, you can add them to your list of items or gift a friend an item or two.

Enjoy a free trial

Like many other sites, you get to enjoy the first month for free with all the benefits then after a month, you pay a subscription of $12.99 per month. This gives you a chance to be exposed to the benefits you can enjoy in case you opt to pay for a normal subscription.

In conclusion, it is worth giving Twitch Prime a trial. It could be the gaming solution you have been looking forward to experiencing. If you give it a shot and realize it is not what ideally works for you, you can easily withdraw your subscription at any time.