Our justice system consists of several divisions that all work together in order to ensure that the system runs smoothly without there being any hiccups or mishaps. While filing a lawsuit, it is essential to know all about the different professionals that possess different duties within the law enforcement system. A process server can file or get a hold of any court documents. They are also in charge of delivering legal documents to all the people that are participants of a proceeding at court. After delivering those documents, the process server then signs a document known as an Affidavit of Service in order to confirm and keep as a future reference that the delivery has been completed by him. This protects against any communication issues or deceit.

Process Server

A process server may deliver the documents in two ways:

  1. Personal Service: This process involves the situation where the process server himself delivers the legal documents to the defendant. Serving documents on a business may ensure that a corporate officer will attain the documents.
  2. Substitute Service: In this process, the process servers may deliver the documents directly to the home address or known mailing address. He may hand those documents to any person over 18 years of age. In this method, the legal documents are also mailed to the contestants. However, this may vary within the different types of legal papers that exist. The process server informs regarding the necessities and deadlines surrounding these legal papers.

In the choice for a process server, you may choose a process server according to your preferences or by the recommendation of your attorney. However, some qualifications need to be checked for while making the decision. Check for their licensing as the process servers undergo licensing tests to become certified.

Depending on the technology used by a process server, the information transmitting time may vary from each process server. However, it is best to choose a process server that possesses the best communication technology so that you are informed about the papers being served as soon as possible.

Check for a process server’s background and attain suitable references that establish their credibility. Another important criterion may be to check if the surety bonds have been deposited by the process server or not. It is mandatory for process servers to have these surety bonds as these protect the individual in the scenario that the process server goes astray from the law while delivering those papers. The individual may then file claims on those bonds.


Process servers are thus an essential feature of the judicial system. They are one of the most important pillars as they serve the documents to the people which enlightens them with the fact that they have been put under the spotlight. The choice of a process server needs to be made with close attention to detail and protection against any wrongdoing on the part of the process server needs to be taken care of.