What Function Does a VPAT Serve?

A VPAT, or Voluntary Product Accessibility Prototype, is a guide that helps the business or agency to provide a thorough overview of your compliance to Section 508 of the Recovery Act accessibility requirements. The report framework outlines the main functionality criteria while also presenting a guide for the vendor to describe the extent of compliance and provide explanatory information. The Information Technology Industry Council developed the VPAT, which is accessible to procurement departments, such that contracting officers and other customers can make preliminary judgments on information systems software and service offers more effectively. It can be a crucial part of the RFP procedure towards any entity (private or government) whereby usability (and, by implication, Section 508 compliance) is necessary. The respective website may be used for this purpose. In other words, the VPAT is particularly important for someone who offers computer and information technology (EIT) that may or may be used by federal employees. Section 508 allows all goods and software used by government workers to be legal. If the commodity is used by someone who receives government funding, whether directly or indirectly, you are federally subsidized as well, and the rules apply to you.… Read More