Getting everywhere on Instagram can be a worryingly slow process. Sometimes it feels as if your follower count is at a halt. For the most part, this slow growth is the result of their approach to Instagram. Maybe you are doing something that puts off new followers. Browsing social platforms is a trial and error process for many of us. So you should be aware of the main points because of which your Instagram fan base isn’t growing.


YOU ARE NOT POSTING ON THE RIGHT FREQUENCY: Some people don’t post enough, which means that others hardly see or remember them. On the contrary, some people post extremely often, which can become irritating and overwhelming quickly. Both of these mistakes can prevent people from following you, and make you lose followers. Discovering a reasonable equilibrium between the two can be a complicated process. You should at least post on alternate days. Ideally, post twice a day. However, you should distribute your content. You don’t want your followers to get weary. It would be best if they were eagerly awaiting each new post.

YOU ARE NOT SOCIALIZING ENOUGH: Instagram is a social platform. If you post photos and never communicate with anyone, you’re only doing half the job. Socializing is necessary to gain importance on the site. Drop a comment on other people’s posts. Give replies to the comments about your content. Be polite and sympathetic while interacting with people. Sincerely try to get in touch with different people. Don’t mistreat them since they’re present on social sites.

YOU’RE MAKING A BAD FIRST IMPRESSION: Like in real life, even on Instagram, it is essential to create a good first impression. A user generally decides a few moments after viewing your profile whether he wants to follow the account or not. If they don’t like or don’t understand it, they will move on fairly quickly. Name, profile, and bio are a few things that pop up first on the account. Therefore, these things need to be good enough to attract followers. The profile image should be pretty and attractive, and the bio should be well written. You can take an idea for amazing profiles on the link here.

YOU ARE NOT WORKING WELL ON YOUR CAPTIONS:  it is considered that in a post, the image itself is the center of attention and the most attractive feature. However, this is a half-truth and neglecting the subtitles is a bad idea. A proper caption might be sufficient to push you to the limit and gain new followers. The aim is to seize the attention of the viewers on a profound level. You can also use it as a chance to question your followers or encourage them with a call to action. It should contribute to your appreciation of the content. If a title goes well, it can bring you back more.

These few tips can help boost your follower count since they make your account more luring and pleasing.