Summer is the time when most of the families worldwide plan their vacations. Planning a summer family vacation comes with lots of expenses. Summer is when your kids have set their minds ready for vacation and this leads to an increase in the number of tourists in a certain area which contributes to an increase in charge rates. For instance, accommodation becomes difficult to find and the available rooms are offered at higher rates. Also, the cost of foods in hotels and restaurants becomes very expensive to individuals with budget constraints. That’s why it is important to think of budget-friendly summer vacation ideas that will suit you and your family needs. If you have a good budget, visit any other travel blog for summer vacation ideas.

Below are some of the budget-friendly family summer vacation ideas:


A summer camping trip is one of the common and ideal summer vacations one can have. It may seem outdated, but there are no inventions which have been made to replace camping. Camping offers comfort and a relaxing atmosphere where you are able to do various tasks together with your family. For instance, you can go fishing with your kids, prepare delicious food together and you can roast some fish when camping in your tent. If you are in need of having more fun, you can come with your camping chairs as well as hammocks.

camping trip

The most important part of the camping trip is the presence of starlit night. Summer nights are usually characterized by a clear sky. If you have a telescope, it may seem to be a night that you and your family members will take time to forget. Also, there are a variety of activities such as hiking and trekking which will delight your summer vacation especially if dance around the bonfire.

Road Trip

When planning for a budget-friendly summer vacation its ideal to choose the means of transport you will use. Road trips are usually the best, this is because you need to first pack your belongings and those of kids then you may decide to hire a private car to take you to a certain destination. A road trip is usually exciting because travelers get the opportunity to view some sites on the way to their destination.

road trip

Most travelers are afraid of road transport due to safety concerns, but if you opt for a road trip and ensure to map them effectively, then there is no need for one to worry about. Based on the road trip you can decide how far your summer family vacation will be from your home. If you have your own car its time to get ready and hit the road with your kids.

Attraction nearby

If you have a limited budget you may decide to explore the nearby attraction sites in your native town. You can spend your time with kids in the nearby aquarium. This may seem like a short vacation but when planned appropriately it will suit your needs and that of your family.

ferris-wheel attraction

If some of the attraction sites are situated close to your home, you may think of renting a hotel near the aquarium and spend the night there while having fun with your kids. The following day you should visit other historical sites in the area and your summer vacation will be great.