The service industry is characterized by intense competition. The fast-food industry takes this competition to the next level. If you snooze just a little bit, you find yourself pushed to the edges. Burger King has managed to remain relevant and has established its name as one of the largest fast-food chains. How have they done so? Well, that’s what you are here to find out.

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Whopper Wi-Fi

In this technological age, everyone owns a smartphone or smart device. Instead of trying to take people off their phones, Burger King has sought to empower them even more. The restaurant creates a better experience for their customers with the help of AT&T who power the restaurants.

The constant Wi-Fi service has certain implications. Patrons can be able to pay for their meals electronically. The store is also to set up in-restaurants applications and games for teens and kids. When you go with your kid to Burger King, you can enjoy every flavor in your burger thanks to some strong Wi-Fi from AT&T.

Keeping it simple

Have you ever read the Burger King menu? It is one of the simplest menus. It is so bland that you wonder how the company grew to such a size. But that is exactly what made it grow. Each customer who walks in through its doors knows exactly what they want from Burger King. The restaurant doesn’t bombard you with many options.

Strategic and genius advertising

Burger King’s slogan ‘Be Your Way’ mimics the urge of the current population to be different from the rest. Burger King acknowledges this, takes it, and pushes it to the next level. As a Burger King customer, you are assured of flexible options. You have the option of partnering your burger patties with the different sides available.

Burger King rewrote business strategies when they partnered with McDonald in 2015 for the McWhopper. This was a combo item of Burger King’s and McDonald’s favorite menu items. If you follow the news, you know that this idea failed greatly. However, the idea grew in the minds of people.

The idea had been pushed out on World Peace Day and the intended message was as clear as day. In that open letter to McDonald, Burger King was the winner as it captured and possibly lured the minds of thousands of people from their competitor.


What sets Burger King apart from its competition is its understanding of the customer’s perception, tastes, and preferences. After research and analysis, Burger King test runs and then later optimizes products and services to meet the needs of each specific store. If you are looking to number one in your particular industry, these are some of the tips that you must fit in.